Jiangsu Bada Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd

development history

Jiangsu Bada Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. Its predecessor is Xinyi Transportation and Equipment Service Company, which was founded in 1986.  and it was mainly engaged in the transportation, loading and unloading of "three super" goods, dangerous goods and special vehicle refitting business;

● In 1995, a joint venture was established with XCMG to establish "Xuzhou Bada Special Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.", specializing in the design and manufacturing of special construction machinery products such as oil and electricity "dual power" mobile grab;

● The company was reorganized in 2006, and Jiangsu Bada Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in oil and electricity "dual power" new energy engineering machinery, emerging logistics machinery, and large-scale rescue robot product development, manufacturing and sales;

● The registered capital of the Company was 55.73 million yuan, which was listed in Tianjin Equity Exchange in October 2012;

● Bada Heavy Industry has built Jiangsu Academician Workstation, National Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation, Key Emergency Rescue Equipment Laboratory Test Base of the Ministry of Public Security, Jiangsu Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Machinery Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation and other scientific research platforms, and is a "small giant of science and technology" enterprise in China's engineering machinery industry;

● Bada Heavy Industry is the first inventor to develop the driving technology of oil and electricity "dual power" special construction machinery in China (the company obtained the first oil and electricity "dual power" technology patent in China in 1994);

● Bada Heavy Industry is the initiator of China's first project to develop large-scale rescue robots (took the lead in submitting the feasibility study report to the country in 2005, listed in the national support plan project in 2010, completed the development task of the world's first largest rescue robot product in 2013, passed the national project acceptance of the serialized rescue robot product in 2014, and installed the armed police traffic force on the double arm rescue robot in 2016);

● Bada Heavy Industry is the first sponsor to propose the research and development of "new energy heavy vehicles and electrified road transport system" in China (submitted the feasibility study report to the country in 2008, and is currently leading a number of "production, education, research and use" cooperation units to jointly apply for the national "13th Five Year" key science and technology research and development plan project);

● The special engineering machinery and equipment developed by the company have been exported to Europe, the United States and Southeast Asian countries for many years in succession, and have also provided special equipment manufacturing and services for Xinjiang Malan troops and air forces for many years in succession;

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