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technological innovation

As a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan and an innovative enterprise in Jiangsu Province, our company has established a national postdoctoral research workstation, an enterprise academician workstation in Jiangsu Province, a mechanical and electrical hybrid power engineering machinery technology research center in Jiangsu Province, and an enterprise technology center in Jiangsu Province. It is the only domestic manufacturer that develops, manufactures, and sells "dual power" special construction machinery. The main products are: "dual power" full hydraulic tire type, crawler type grab crane and grab, as well as large loading and unloading, demolition, rescue robots, etc. At present, there are eight categories and more than 90 specifications of products, among which the leading products of the hybrid "dual power" drive of machinery and electricity have a number of proprietary intellectual property rights, and have been recognized as national new products and high-tech products in Jiangsu Province for many times. At present, the company undertakes national science and technology support plan, torch plan and many provincial and municipal science and technology projects.

In recent years, the patented technology obtained by our company:

Patent name                                                                                             Patent No

Crane with motor and internal combustion engine                            ZL200820118732.0

Tracking power supply pole system                                              ZL 03 132187.9

Driving mechanism of excavator                                                 ZL2003 2 108493.8

hybrid excavator with transfer box mechanism                          ZL20092 0002270.0 

A hydraulic adjustable torque winding device                           ZL20092 0146437.0

A vehicle engine preheating and cab heating device                       ZL20102 0111858.2

A lifting hook with automatic weighing device                             ZL20092 0162455.8

A construction machinery equipped with a linkage lifting cab mechanism             ZL20102 0158157.4

A dual control vehicle electronic accelerator device                                           ZL20102 0126434.3

Jaw type ground brake for automobile                                                             ZL201020525469.4

A crawler type stair climbing vehicle                                                             ZL 200920036513.2

Serial dual power construction machinery drive system                                     ZL201220754188.5

an automatic cable laying device used in the field of construction machinery   ZL201320072841.4,

A crawler type grab hydraulic system                                                                 ZL201320088049.8

Double arm tire type rescue mechanical hydraulic system                                 ZL 201320076685.9

a priority shunt accessory control device                                                        ZL201320076439.3,

A multifunctional grab with adjustable outer diameter                                  ZL201320076683. X

A kind of accessory wrist device for construction machinery with quick switching of deflection rotation   ZL201320076684.4

an automatic material return device on the process mechanical grab                                                          ZL2014201191702.8,

A grab for loading and unloading cylindrical materials                                                                                  ZL2014 20258834.4

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