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Bada Heavy Industries Successfully Launched 70 ton WYS70BL Port Wharf Handling Grab


WYS70BL "double power" hydraulic grab is suitable for material handling in ports, docks, stockyards and other places, with the following advanced features

● The hydraulic systems of the main hydraulic components are Rexroth products from Germany.

● Decomposable H-shaped vehicle, with stable structure and high torsional resistance, makes the whole machine more stable and reliable

● When electric power is used as power, nearly half of the operating cost can be saved compared with diesel engines of the same power.

● Diesel internal combustion engine can be used for operation in places without power, which is convenient for transfer.

● The "dual power" grab is energy-saving, environment-friendly and low noise, which is the best choice to protect the natural environment


Introduction and description of hydraulic system of WYS70BL grab

1、 Basic structure of grab

The operation process of the grab is to use the cutting edge to grab materials, realize material breaking, material grasping, lifting rotation, unloading, and then return to the second grab. After grasping a section, continue to grab after mechanical displacement. In order to achieve the above periodic operation requirements, the following components are required: working device, rotary mechanism, power device, transmission device (hydraulic part), control device, walking device, etc. It is generally divided into: rotary platform, working device and walking device according to the structure.

1.1。 Rotary platform: composed of rotary platform, hydraulic transmission device, servo control device, power unit, cab, air conditioning system, electrical system, etc.

1.2。 The working device is composed of boom, stick, grab, oil cylinder, etc.

1.3。 The traveling device consists of a frame, a roller, a carrier roller, a guide wheel, a tensioning device, a crawler, a traveling mechanism, a rotary joint, etc.

2、 Composition of hydraulic system

2.1 Basic concept of the hydraulic system of the grab:

Composition of hydraulic system: power components, control components, actuating components and accessories. Classification by pump type: quantitative system, variable system

Classification by valve type: open system, closed system

Classification by control mode: constant power system, double pump double loop system, total power regulation, sub power regulation, middle position, middle position open center, middle position closed center

2.2 Operation process of grab

One operation cycle of the grab includes the following actions:

2.2.1 Grasping realizes the breaking and loading of the grab through the rotary grab, the rotary bucket handle and their combined actions.

2.2.2 After the full bucket rotary grab is filled with materials, the boom is lifted and the platform is rotated to the unloading position at the same time;

2.2.3 After the unloading platform rotates to the position, brake, adjust the unloading radius by the stick, and dump the material by turning the grab

2.2.4. Return to the grab for unloading, rotate the rotary table reversely, cooperate with the boom and stick, and return to the grab position

The full power variable means that the sum of the power of the two pumps remains constant. This is mainly because when the single pump action is executed, the pump can absorb the power of another hydraulic pump that does not work, giving full play to the power of the prime mover.

At present, the main hydraulic components are Rexroth hydraulic components from Germany. The successful completion of the grab has greatly met the operation requirements of the port terminals and cargo yards, especially for the loading and unloading of 3000 ton to 5000 ton ships. It makes them improve the operation efficiency and reduce the operation cost!


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