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Bada Heavy Industry's new grab has been continuously put into usage in large coastal ports



WLYS50 wheel type grab is used for loading nickel ore in coastal ports

         Recently, Bada Heavy Industry's new grab has been continuously put into use in large coastal ports, greatly improving the handling efficiency of bulk cargo at ports and inland river terminals. The customer highly praised the stable and efficient performance of Bada Heavy Industry's grab. In order to improve the material handling efficiency of the terminal, the customer has sought a number of well-known brands at home and abroad. After comparing the performance of the handling equipment, the customer finally selected Bada Heavy Industry products.

          In combination with the customer's requirements for on-site construction, Bada Heavy Industry sent R&D engineers to conduct field visits, customized equipment for the customer and delivered it in advance. The operating efficiency was 60% higher than that of ordinary excavators, greatly exceeding customer expectations. These coastal ports have drawn up a re procurement plan to continue to increase the handling capacity of the terminal.



Long distance unloading and loading of WLYS50 wheel type grab at coastal ports are carried out at the same time

       The new WLYS50 tire type hydraulic grab of Bada Heavy Industry has been continuously used for bulk cargo unloading at the wharf, loading and unloading at the freight yard and other working conditions. It can be driven by either diesel engine or 380V electric power. The product has reliable quality, superior performance and multiple functions. The main parts and components are world famous brands. The boom assembly and key steel structures are made of high-strength steel. The "dual power" drive technology with more than 20 years of experience is safe and reliable, modular design and manufacturing, which is convenient for users to choose freely. The world's advanced hydraulic systems include dual power drive, dual pump dual loop total power regulation, negative flow control open system; Double power drive, double pump and double loop split power control, open system with pilot pressure override control and positive flow control.

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