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The first hydraulic (gantry, rail type) railway reloading line in China was completed and put into operation in Northeast Asia Railway Group

The hydraulic gantry (track type and crawler type) grab is a special unloading equipment with independent intellectual property rights, which is energy saving, environmental protection and efficiency, developed according to the special needs of users and in combination with relevant national standards. This product is mainly applicable to the grab, loading and unloading, reloading and unloading of various bulk materials on the railway loading and unloading line.

Specific characteristics are as follows:

Full hydraulic drive is adopted in the operation process to realize the stepless speed change of all actions, overcome the impact of operation, and make the overall operation process more stable, safe, convenient and reliable;

The pilot control is adopted to make the operation more convenient, reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency;

After the replacement of different hydraulic grab buckets, the loading, unloading, stacking, reloading, feeding and feeding of various bulk, granular, massive and rod-shaped (such as wood, steel pipe, etc.) goods can be realized respectively, realizing the multi-purpose function of one machine.

Safety and fire prevention. In the hydraulic system, hydraulic components with protection functions such as overflow valve and two-way lock are installed to ensure safe and reliable lifting operation; In the electrical system, explosion-proof motors and enclosed electric control systems can be installed according to user needs, so as to facilitate operations in key fire prevention places and flammable warehouse and other areas.

It can completely replace the operation functions of portal chain bucket unloader and screw unloader, and can grab different goods after replacing different grab buckets, with wider operation objects, wider operation scope, more complete operation functions, and no environmental pollution.

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