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Recommended Design Scheme of Frozen Coal Unloading Equipment in Shenhua Ningmei Group

According to the requirements of the actual working conditions of Shenhua Ningmei Group's frozen coal unloading: our company designs a gantry rail type three arm frozen coal unloading machine for it, that is, at the front end of the unloading machine, we design a double arm two hand holding vibrator, hold the box plates on both sides of the car box to implement medium frequency oscillation, and unload the slightly frozen layer and the bridging coal without damaging the car body. At the same time, another single arm is designed at the back, equipped with ice breaking grab or hydraulic pickaxe, to solve the problem of freezing coal and ice breaking and the problem that unloading is not possible by bridging.

The gantry type three arm frozen coal unloading machine can be operated by one person in front of and behind, or by two people at the same time. One machine has multiple functions, which can comprehensively solve the problem of frozen coal unloading. The schematic diagram is as follows:


1、 Introduction to main technical performance parameters

Maximum turning radius of tail: 3.8m

Total motor power: 132kw

Overall weight: ≥ 46.5 t

Maximum working range ≥ 8m

Rated lifting capacity at maximum working range (including weight of accessories): ≥ 3t

Maximum wheel pressure: 245 kN

Maximum lifting torque: ≥ 240 kN/m

Maximum operating depth: 0.3m from the car bottom (except for the rotary floating plate type frozen coal cleaner)

Maximum included angle between main boom and auxiliary boom: 112 °

Minimum included angle between main boom and auxiliary boom: 20

Driving speed: ≥ 0~400mm/s

Maximum rotation angle of turntable: 30 degrees on the left and right (adjustable)

Boom luffing time (no load): full range lifting ≈ 9.0s, full range lowering ≈ 11.0s

Jib luffing time (no load): full range lifting ≈ 9.0s, full range lowering ≈ 7.0s

Relevant technical requirements of hydraulic gripper: after selection, it has the ice breaking capacity of different frozen layers.

2、 Overall mechanism layout , driving and control principles

The drive control form of the three arm type frozen coal unloader adopts the dual pump dual loop cross power control system based on the electro-hydraulic proportional load sensing post compensation technology, including the use of the load sensing valve post compensation multi way valve to control up to 22 action control modes, as well as the digital hydraulic drive for regulation and load maintenance, and the digital design of complex hydraulic pipelines, Several key technologies, such as the digital control interface of dual arm coordination and the upper turning based on master-slave control, have realized the complex hydraulic system layout in a narrow space, as well as the coordinated control of dual arm multi degree of freedom system and other core technologies, realizing the fine and smooth control of 22 working mechanisms of the whole machine.

3、 Functions and solutions of equipment accessories

1. Grasp the intermediate frequency vibrator. Frequency: (to be determined), Amplitude: (to be determined).

2. Plum blossom loosening mixer (used for medium freezing coal loosening operation).

3. Powerful ice breaker (used for deep freezing coal breaking operation).

4. Hydraulic pick (used for heavy freezing coal and ice breaking operation).

5. Hydraulic rotary floating plate type frozen coal cleaner (used for removing frozen coal stuck on carriage and floor).

6. The cab has monitoring and temperature regulation functions.

7. Imported hydraulic components, sealing components and electrical control components are selected to improve the overall operation reliability and appearance quality.


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