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LYS10DZ 15DZ wheel type railway coal unloader is used in major railway bureaus

Main advantages:

1. "Dual power" drive is adopted, which is driven by both internal combustion engine power and 380V electric power. On the premise of operating efficiency on a year-on-year basis, the cost of using electricity is one third of that of using oil, and the electric operation does not discharge waste pollution, nor does it discharge fireworks. It is energy-saving and environmental friendly. It can be operated in key fire prevention units. Today, with the rising global oil price, the use efficiency is particularly prominent.

2. Due to the difference in the height of the train platform, the cab of the railway coal unloader can be of the free lifting type according to the customer's needs. On the basis of the original height, the cab can be lifted freely within the range of 0~3m; The fixed elevating type can also be selected to increase the cab by 1m, 1.5m and 2m, which greatly improves the driver's vision, facilitates the grasping of materials and the cleaning operation, and improves the efficiency; Compared with the coal raking operation by excavator under the car box, it will not cover the track, and it does not require secondary cleaning, so it is not easy to damage the car box; The unloading train is loaded at one time, and there are few remaining materials in the trunk, which is convenient for manual cleaning; The hydraulic shell type grab bucket is used to grab most of the full buckets with high efficiency and solve the problem of difficult unloading of frozen coal in winter; It only takes 6-10 minutes to unload a 70 ton coal locomotive.

3. The pilot operated hydraulic control system is adopted, which is comfortable to operate and has good operation performance. The slewing mechanism is designed with auxiliary brake buffer device, which greatly improves the impact resistance and operation reliability of the slewing mechanism;

4. It is equipped with perfect safety protection device, electronic weighing system, automatic centralized lubrication system and preheating device (it can work normally from minus 30 ℃ to minus 40 ℃); The electric operation system is designed with overcurrent, overload, overheating, leakage and other protection functions, and Y/△ depressurization startup is adopted;

5. All key components are imported, greatly extending the service life of the whole machine and reducing maintenance costs,

6. A variety of different operation grabs can be replaced, such as clam type grabs (with bucket teeth and without bucket teeth) to grab coal, ore, iron powder, etc. Wood grabs, various holding tongs, and holding tongs, realizing the multi-purpose function of one machine.

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