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Hydraulic rail type gantry grab used in Sinopec

The company attaches great importance to the research and development of products. After years of development, it has a relatively rich technical accumulation, which can meet the differentiated and individual needs of customers. The original rail type chain bucket coal unloader has been phased out due to flying dust during operation and heavy environmental pollution. The technology of hydraulic door type swing arm grab car unloader is to use the upper part of WYS50 car unloader, a mature product of Bada, and the lower part of the car unloader uses the traveling part of the chain bucket door type car unloader. The traveling motor part is driven by a mature hydraulic motor. In fact, it is to replace the traveling chassis for the tire type car unloader, which is suitable for the reloading operation on the railway line. Its reliability is very stable. The hydraulic system pumps, valves, seals and other well-known products at home and abroad are used; The hydraulic valve adopts the original international famous brand. In order to check the pressure in the hydraulic system, there are also hydraulic detection points; High pressure oil pipe shall be connected reliably, arranged reasonably, and replaced conveniently. Oil leakage is strictly prohibited; The hydraulic oil pipe and cable are routed separately, and protective devices are installed at the exposed pipeline parts that are prone to collision. The equipment has good stability and safety in joint operation. It takes only 6-10 minutes for 70 tons of coal, sand and gravel to unload, and hundreds of kilograms of remaining materials. When unloading other materials, it only needs to replace the grab. The maximum operating range is 8 meters, the minimum operating height is - 1 meters, and the maximum operating height is 8 meters based on the rail surface. The power is electric drive, which is driven by 4 motors. One main power, two for walking, and one for air cooling.

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