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Extended Two section Arm "Double Power" Wood Grabber Strives for the Front Line of Ship Unloading at the Wharf

Papermaking, wood-based panel, wood industry and other industries have a large demand for wood, bamboo, straw and other foam, loose, pull and disordered raw materials. Water transportation is often more economical and cost-effective. The new dual power folding arm type wood grabber adopts extended two section arms and three section arms, which has large lifting torque and better meets the requirements of long haul unloading operation of materials. A set of 380V electric drive device is added to the machine, so that it can work with the power of internal combustion engine. In relatively fixed places and key fire protection areas, it can also be connected to the power supply nearby. 380V electric drive is adopted, realizing the functions of energy conservation, fire prevention and environmental protection.

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