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Dual power gripper helps train unload coal (other bulk materials)

What kind of grab is needed for train coal unloading?

1、 It can complete loading and unloading of bulk materials (coal, sand, mineral powder, etc.) in various forms.

2、 Energy conservation and consumption reduction, green environmental protection (reduce coal dust pollution).

3、 Fire safety, ground protection, car body protection, stability and reliability.

4、 High unloading efficiency (no secondary hauling) to ensure low residue.

5、 One machine for multiple purposes.

6、 High cost performance and convenient maintenance.

Core technology 1——Customized equipment for bulk market


1. In terms of host design, different models can be provided according to different operating conditions: tire type and crawler type, telescopic boom, stacking boom, truss boom, gantry type, rail type, single boom, double boom and triple boom.

2. In terms of specifications, it is possible to grab goods of different weights to form a series.

3.  diffirent grippers : clam type, ice breaker with alligator teeth, hook, multi petal type gripper, breaking hammer, sweeper, etc. It can be equipped with rotator and without rotator at the same time.

4. The cab can be lifted, fixed and adjusted.

5. Domestic type and full inlet type can be selected for configuration.

Core technology2 ——Oil electric hybrid "dual power"


The "dual power" technology created by Bada Heavy Industry is composed of two sets of hydraulic power systems and one set of execution system driven by internal combustion engine and motor respectively. Interworking, interlocking, step-down starting, over-current, overload, overheating and leakage protection systems are designed between oil and electricity conversion, and automatic cable tracking retracting and releasing devices are designed.

The outstanding advantages of dual power include:

1. Under the condition of operating efficiency on a year-on-year basis, the operating cost of electricity consumption is only 40% of oil consumption;

We have calculated that when large construction machinery is working in the internal combustion engine, the average fuel consumption per 1Kw of power generated is 220g (0.22kg), which is calculated by the actual market price of 8 yuan/kg, that is, 1.76 yuan.

The average electricity price of 380 V municipal power is 0.7 yuan/kw, which is only 40% of the fuel cost.

Therefore, electricity consumption can greatly reduce the cost compared with oil consumption.

2. Electric operation has low noise, no waste discharge and no environmental pollution;

3. Explosion proof motors and totally enclosed electrical appliances can be selected for electric operation, which is safe and fireproof. Especially the key fire fighting units such as biomass power plants.

4. According to the needs of users, the operation timer, weight counter and other automatic functions can be configured to implement optical, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration.

Core technology 3 - automatic lifting cab


The lifting cab developed by Bada won the national utility model patent (patent number: ZL2010201581574 )。

 This cab lifting mechanism is installed on the grab, and the driver can automatically adjust the height of the cab, up to 5.6 meters, and the cab can also move forward 0.75 meters. As it is raised forward, the driver's vision is expanded and the work efficiency is improved, especially suitable for the stacking height of straw raw materials.

Core Technology 4——Hydraulic pilot control "Y" outrigger


The driver of the hydraulic tire type straw grabber independently controls the Y-shaped outrigger in the cab through the pilot operation system, which does not need to go out of the cab to the ground for operation, nor does it need the assistance of other personnel on the ground. It is convenient, fast and efficient, and has higher mobility than the crawler type and the H-shaped outrigger in the tire type.

Core technology 5 - customized gripper


Core technology 6 - 360 ° rotary gripper


A hydraulic rotator is installed above the grab to realize 360 ° omnidirectional rotation of the grab and greatly improve the operating efficiency of the equipment. It is especially suitable for grasping, loading and unloading, stacking, unstacking and other operations of baling and rod-shaped materials.

Products serve many industries

Bada products are suitable for railway freight, biomass power generation, light industry paper making, man-made board, petrochemical industry, port and wharf, metal recycling, urban construction, water conservancy engineering, mining and other industries.









Octopus products go global


Over the past three decades, Bada's products have been sold to thousands of domestic enterprises and exported to dozens of countries such as the United States, Belarus, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. Looking forward to the future.

Bada Heavy Industry will base itself on the logistics machinery market and go to the world from a higher starting point.

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