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Crawler type grab helps unloading ship at the port dock.

The dual power full hydraulic wheel type and crawler type grab (multiple operation functions can be realized by configuring different grab tools, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes) can quickly load, unload, stack and feed the small range and large batch of foamed, loose, scattered, pulled and disordered materials such as scrap, ore, iron powder and coal. With the significant advantages of safety, environmental protection, energy saving and money saving, it complements the port policy of "low carbon and high efficiency" of many modern port groups, Quickly occupy the market of major ports and terminals, and act as the main operation force.

1. "Dual power" drive is adopted, which is driven by both internal combustion engine power and 380V electric power. On the premise of operating efficiency on a year-on-year basis, the cost of using electricity is one-third of the oil consumption, and the electric operation does not discharge waste pollution, nor does it discharge fireworks. It is energy-saving and environmental friendly, and can be operated in key fire prevention units.

2. Diversified product groups and personalized development of special working conditions can fully meet the operating requirements of customers under different working conditions. In terms of driving forms, there are "dual power" system, single internal combustion engine drive and single electric drive; The forms of getting off the train are: tire type, crawler type, fixed type, gantry type, which can meet the complex operating environment and customer requirements; The types of boom include folding boom, truss boom and telescopic boom, which can meet the operating environment with different operating ranges, heights and falls; The range of lifting torque ranges from 20t m to 100t m, which can realize longer distance grasping operations, deeper depth grasping operations and higher height stacking operations; The cab can be of free lifting type. On the basis of the original height, the cab can be lifted freely within the range of 0~3m; The fixed elevating type can also be selected to increase the cab by 1m, 1.5m and 2m, which greatly improves the driver's vision, facilitates grasping materials and improves the operation efficiency.

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