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Red clay nickel ore oil electric double drive and double power grab is started at the port and wharf

Laterite nickel ore resources are surface weathering crust deposits formed by weathering leaching sedimentation of nickel sulfide ore bodies. Laterite nickel ores in the world are distributed in tropical countries within 30 degrees north and south of the equatorial line, and concentrated in the tropical subtropical region around the Pacific Ocean.

The laterite nickel mine dual power (oil electric dual drive) grab developed by our company, which is a new energy wharf handling equipment, is widely used in major ports and wharves across the country, marking a new step in the port handling technology of Bada Heavy Industry. This dual power (oil electric dual drive) grab has achieved significant energy saving compared with the original fuel grab, and has no carbon emissions. At present, it is estimated that the unit power consumption for laterite nickel mine operation is 216 kWh/kiloton, totaling 185.8 yuan/kiloton, while the unit power consumption for oil operation is 86 kg/kiloton, totaling 369.8 yuan/kiloton. Through calculation, it can be found that compared with oil, the energy consumption cost for laterite nickel mine operation can be saved by 0.184 yuan per ton, and the annual cost can be saved by 276000 yuan based on the annual operation volume of laterite nickel mine of 1.5 million tons. Laterite nickel ore has a relatively large viscosity and is easy to stick to the grab. Our company has specially developed a grab floating material withdrawal device, which completely solves the problem of laterite nickel ore sticking to the grab.

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