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Application of single arm grab and double arm grab in rescue field

The single arm grab and double arm grab developed by Bada Heavy Industry are not only used in the traditional loading and unloading field, but also applied in the rescue and rescue field in recent years. For example, last year's Shenzhen landslide accident caused the huge steel beams and concrete of the destroyed houses to be twisted together, which made it difficult for excavators to clean up and slow for manual welding and cutting. The "Transformers" robot arm, dual arm dual power robot and other sophisticated equipment developed by Bada Heavy Industry, which is reinforced by the traffic force of the armed police, have removed these "roadblocks" in a timely manner, greatly improving the rescue efficiency. In Yancheng tornado disaster, Bada Heavy Industry's multi valve grab entered the polluted area instead of manual operation. In the construction of national key projects, single arm grab is used to grab stones and lift concrete. Lengthen two sections to show us his advantages.

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